Both Nöjdhs Elektronik AB and Nojdhs Underwater Technology PTE LTD belongs to the group TN Development AB. Included in the group TN Development AB is also Milab Microphones AB.

Today our customers are found mainly in the defence and in the industry. Defence related assignments, particularly in the underwater sector have helped us establish a special competence within this area. Defence projects have also set the standard for the quality and reliability of our products.

The main part of our activities today is design and production of electronic systems. We are specialised in rugged design for use in submarines, naval ships or other demanding environmental circumstances.

Most part of our employees are electronic engineers, but we also have engineers specialised in mechanical design and power electronics.

Nöjdhs Elektronik AB was founded in 1985 by Thomas Nöjdh, who has a background in the Swedish Navy and in Kockums AB´s submarine electrical design department.

In the beginning we designed and produced special purpose circuit boards. We were one of the first companies in Sweden to use a PC-controlled milling machine for fast production of prototype PCBs.

We are still designing and producing circuit boards. However, the main part of our activities is now designing and production of electrical and electronic systems.

The company has grown steadily, in 1990 the number of employees were 6 and today it has increased to about 35 divided on two locations, Singapore and Sweden.

We dive deep into any problem in the area of ​​electronics

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Our industries
Electrical system design

We are involved in system and detail design down to cabinet level, as well as installation planning and set to work.

Power Electronics

Power electronic systems mainly for motor drives are designed upon customer specification.


We design and produce control systems for different applications, mostly for submarines and for the process industry.

Electronic design

From single PCBs to entire systems. To minimize development time we use modern design and simulation tools.

Mechanical design

Due to our experience from different defence projects we have developed a certain skill for packaging of electronics and equipment.

Maintenance and Repair

Mainly on our own products but also in general. Periodic maintenance is planned and conducted in cooperation with the customer.

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