The NEDA750 converters use processor based technology to create three phase PWM signals (Pulse Width Modulation). These signals control the output bridge, which is built up with IGBT transistors (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor). The transistor current is continuously supervised and the converter is fully short-circuit and earth-fault protected without fuses.

The casing is designed for a tough environment and it is designed to meet military EMC requirements. The unit is air-cooled.

NEDA750 has been delivered in the mkIII version.

Apart from normal speed control of an induction motor NEDA750-III includes facilities for more advanced motor control. A speed controller is included which together with an external speed feedback signal gives a speed accuracy of ±1 rpm. Without external feedback ±5 rpm can be achieved thanks to the software motor model. Digital and analogue inputs and outputs together with software comparator functions makes it possible to implement rather advanced control sequences without an external controller.

From the control panel you can reach the comprehensive menu system, which makes it easy to monitor motor parameters and to change settings. It is also possible to monitor and control the drive from a standard PC.

By using a NEDA750 DC/AC-converter the following features can be obtained:

  • Possibility to operate a standard three-phase induction motor from a DC network
  • Speed control over the whole speed range
  • Possibility to avoid speeds giving noise problems
  • Built-in soft start, no high starting current
  • Built-in overload protection
  • Adjustable acceleration time
  • Adjustable deceleration time
  • Short-circuit and earth fault protection without fuses
  • HF tight cabinet


Basic data for the NEDA750-III:

Input voltage 540-830V DC

Motor current 146A

Temperature 0-45°C

Dimensions 1200x600x362mm

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