Nöjdhs Elektronik AB was founded in 1985 by Thomas Nöjdh, who has a background in the Swedish Navy and in Kockums AB´s submarine electrical design department.


In the beginning we designed and produced special purpose circuit boards. We were one of the first companies in Sweden to use a PC-controlled milling machine for fast production of prototype PCBs.


We are still designing and producing circuit boards. However the main part of our activities is now designing and production of electronic systems.


The company has grown steadily, in 1990 the number of employees were 6 and today it has increased to about 20. Most part of the employees are electrical engineers.


In 1993 the company moved into the current premises at Norra Strandgatan 4, right in the heart of Helsingborg in the southern part of Sweden.

Nöjdhs Elektronik AB, Box 1342, S-251 13 Helsingborg, SWEDEN   Phone: +46 42 38 16 00   Fax: +46 42 13 63 50   E-mail: mail@nojdhselektronik.se